Random trip to Portland in 2011 to see Randy Newman... best decision ever.

Obviously, the “trendy” piece does not refer to fashion.  So sorry if that mislead you…

I enjoy keeping up with many trends, especially educational and technological trends.  But I dabble in other trends — health, travel, economic, political, etc. — too, so don’t be surprised to find random other stuff here!

My name is Emily, and I’m a high school World Geography Teacher and Instructional Specialist by day, geek of many things by night.  I wear many hats, but my main evening cap is that of a grad student (over half way complete with my MS in Instructional Technology!).   When not working or school-ing, I enjoy training for endurance events, making music, traveling the world, and experiencing all that life has to offer, preferably in the company of good people.

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