Self Regulation

What does it mean to manage/regulate yourself (self-regulate) and others? How does it bring you towards goals? How important is communication in this process and what helps/impedes it?

To manage or regulate yourself and/or others means to oversee that what needs to get done is getting done, and intervene if that is not getting done.  It also means figuring out what needs to get done and making a plan of action, so you know when you need to intervene.  This helps assure that you are achieving the goals you set out to achieve, and assists in making that an efficient process.  Communication is extremely important in this process – even if it’s a process you only partake with yourself – because it allows for a full understanding of progress and a more complete analysis of the current situation.  This is why therapists often have their clients journal — it’s a form of communication and processing, and it also allows them to acknowledge their progress and see how things have advanced over time.  I believe communication in management or regulation of ourselves and others serves a very similar function as journaling does to a patient — it helps the progress become clearer, allows for acknowledging our triumphs and setbacks, and also serves to document how the process is coming.  Communication is most successful if all parties are open and honest with each other (and themselves), and if everyone sees each other as being open, trustworthy, and non-judgmental.  If concerns need to be aired, it will be a more productive conversation if the people participating believe that everyone has everyone else’s best interest in mind. 


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