New Project Reflection

For my new project, I have developed a two-week STAAR review for our World Geography students.  The morning of our first day implementing the review, I decided to change it just a tad by adding a “gaming” aspect to it — they were already in teams, working on one objective each day over ten days… now their team would be their “guild” so to speak, with each day having “quests” that they can use to “level up” (their grade).  I was a little uneasy about how much this would encourage their participation or taking the activity seriously…… but it has gone over magnificently!!! I’m seriously so impressed.  Kids who walked into class like, “Oh HELL no, I’m not working with so-and-so!  You CAN’T MAKE ME!” are, at first reluctantly, but in the end quite voluntarily, working as a team, discussing the geography through teaching and reminding each other… kids who I’ve seen reluctant to do anything besides sleep and be a nuisance are focused and doing what they’re supposed to, working with students they might not usually work with, etc.  It has been such a fantastic success, and it makes me really happy! 🙂  That’s my update for the week!


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