My experience with Instructional Design thus far

Creating the design document for my “QR codes in the classroom” professional development has been a tedious process, reminding me of my undergrad days of lesson planning (the writing of them especially).  As an undergrad, we were required to prepare very detailed lesson plans for every lesson, which we were assured we would be doing as actual teachers in the classroom.  Then I became a teacher where I have not once in seven years had to create super detailed lesson plans for every lesson (or any lesson, really).  Some schools have required a basic outline of objectives, lesson activities, and assessment, but the details required in lesson planning or instructional design have yet to be required.  That being said, if teachers had the time and resources to put this much thought into every lesson, we would most likely have a lot more effective learning going on in the classroom.

Developing my design document has helped me to fully envision this professional development from beginning to end, and by considering all the previous learning from both this graduate program in instructional technology and other PD/classes/workshops along the way, I feel like the professional development we provide this summer will be informative, effective, interesting, and directly applicable to the learners that attend.  Thorough planning, as we are doing with our design document, will ensure a more successful outcome — and with proper planning, we also have built-in evaluation to see if it was as effective or successful as we would have liked.  This allows us to make necessary changes for subsequent delivery of the same material, allowing the design to get better and better with reflection.


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