Instructional Design through homemade video…

The video above is a sort of homemade attempt at informing people of the devastating effects that the coal industry had on Centralia, Pennsylvania.  It can be considered instructional design because it is instructing the viewer about what happened to Centralia, and how the effects of the underground coal fire still continue and will continue for as many as a thousand years.  The intro with the kind of emotional music helps to catch the viewer’s attention and pique their interest.  The video quality is not great, but it does the job and allows people to see what Centralia looks like today while a narrator discusses how the city devolved to its current population of 15 people.

It gets especially interesting when they get to the warning signs and go beyond them, showing how smoke rises from the ground and from pipes in the ground, explaining that this is from the underground coal fire.  They demonstrate how hot the ground is by showing that a match will light on touching the hot ground.  At one point rain begins to fall, and the video’s sound begins to crackle, which the narrators describe as the immediate evaporation of the rain upon impact.

While certainly novice, this video goes to show it doesn’t take a hi-tech, super professional organization to make an effective demonstration of instructional design.


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